X3TC & Albion Prelude Mods

X3TC & Albion Prelude Mods




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A few months ago we spotlighted the game X3: Albion Prelude, and showed off some of the basic mods for the game.

Watch It Here

If your a fan of Star Wars, or Star Trek and want to mod your X3:TC "Terrain Conflict or X3:AP  X3 Albion Prelude into one of your all time favorite SciFi franchise then head on over to the X-Modding forum and take a look at the list of XSP Ships. XSP is a file type used for installing ships into the last 2 x games. Sadly the X modding community has started to fade away. Very little support is given to most mods. With the exception of a few larger community ones.


The most basic mods that I really enjoy, are Cmod 4 and Improved Races.


Cmod 4 is short for Combat Mod 4. Its a total upgrade to the original combat mechanics of the game. Rebalancing everything from missles to lasers, chaning effects and adding some much need BOOM to the weapon sounds. It even has packages to add laser weapons into the game and more!


Improved Races is a mod that actually turns the cold war of X into a an all out slug fest by the games factions. An active war is raging after you install this mod. With AI fleets attacking and taking over sectors. This mod also gives the player the power to conqueror and tax sectors of space.




As I find more free time I want to flush out this section with even more great mods, I personally use quite a few Star Trek Ship mods, and a large collection of scripts. As always "Coming Soon" tm




Lets play mod list /  Links


Galaxy_IN_GAME_03X- Modding Forum Main Forum for modding goodness
List of XSP Ships    List of ships easly installed using the plugin manager
Plugin Manager to install mods   This is needed to install most mods. Also allows you to remove and add them.
Cmod 4  Great mod that balances the combat of the game.
Improved Races   A mod that gives the universe more life, full on active war with sector take over and more.






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